Trumpet (Silver)

Choose the Trumpet Heavyweight from C&M Musical Instruments, and unlock a world of musical brilliance. Embrace the power, projection, and tonal richness this instrument bestows upon your performances. Elevate your sound, captivate your audience, and leave a lasting impression with the Trumpet Heavyweight – the ultimate choice for discerning musicians.


Key: C Bore: .462-inch Leadpipe: 25C Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass Bell: 4.8. inch (122mm) Lightweight Bell Material: Yellow Brass Valves: Monel Piston Case: Single blue Case Mouthpiece: Bach 1.5C

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Introducing the Trumpet Heavyweight - Empower Your Sound!

Experience the pinnacle of musical craftsmanship with the Trumpet Heavyweight, brought to you by C&M Musical Instruments. As an esteemed musician, you deserve an instrument that elevates your performance to new heights. Look no further than the Trumpet Heavyweight, a specialized masterpiece designed to unlock the full potential of your sound.

Why Choose the Trumpet Heavyweight?

Enhanced Projection:

When it comes to projecting your music with authority and impact, the Trumpet Heavyweight reigns supreme.

Richer Tonal Quality:

Elevate your musical expression with the Trumpet Heavyweight's unparalleled tonal quality.

Greater Stability and Control:

Achieve unparalleled stability and control during your performances.

Versatility Redefined:

Despite its heavier build, the Trumpet Heavyweight maintains the versatility you expect from a standard trumpet.
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