Satin Silver Trumpet

In conclusion, the JESÚS TRUMPET (Satin Silver) by C&M Musical Instruments is a true testament to the artistry of trumpet making. Its unique construction, combined with the added mass and exceptional craftsmanship, empowers you with a sound that will leave a lasting impression. Elevate your playing to new heights and captivate audiences with the JESÚS TRUMPET – the embodiment of excellence in brass instruments.

JESUS TRUMPET G&M. Professional Trumpet Features #28 Reverse Leadpipe Bell 5.300″ (133mm) Medium Large Bore: .459″ (11.66mm) Straight Resonance Bracing Monel Pistons Saturn water-key Boxed Bronze Springs 3rd Valve Slide Stopper Heavy-Wall Resonance Receiver Semi Precious Stone Valve Buttons 1.5C Mouthpiece BLUE Hard-Shell Case INCLUDES: Mouthpiece, Oil, Grease, Disinfectant.


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Introducing the JESÚS TRUMPET (Satin Silver) by C&M Musical Instruments - Empower Your Sound!

Are you a discerning musician in search of a trumpet that will take your playing to new heights? Look no further than the JESÚS TRUMPET, a true masterpiece crafted by C&M Musical Instruments. This specialized instrument is designed to deliver an exceptional playing experience, empowering you with a bold and commanding sound that will captivate audiences and fellow musicians alike.

Why should you choose the JESÚS TRUMPET? Let me enlighten you.

Enhanced Projection:

With its carefully engineered design, the JESÚS TRUMPET ensures superior projection and volume.

Richer Tonal Quality:

The JESÚS TRUMPET's added weight contributes to a warmer, more resonant tone. Each note you play will be infused with a depth and richness that will truly elevate your musical expression.

Greater Stability and Control:

The additional weight of the JESÚS TRUMPET enhances stability and control during play.


Despite its added weight, the JESÚS TRUMPET retains the versatility of a standard trumpet.
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